Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The antibiotics did their job. Jacob didn't spike in a fever after the course was over, and we now know that "only" the site of Jacob's medical port got infected rather than the body rejecting the port. Phew!
Jacob is back to his base line, rolling around, chatting away, and is as happy as only he can be! Yesterday he was back in school and all his therapies are starting back this week as well.
My dear husband took care of the stress around our nursing case manager, and they actually replaced her right away. That is one less stress for us to deal with.
On Tuesday, Jacob will be under anaesthesia for hours having his spinal tap and MRI of his brain. Cross your fingers that we get some good results out of the studies as well as him tolerating the anaesthesia.
Someone asked me this week how I'm doing. The simple answer is that I'm doing as well as Jacob is. The two are always connected. Now, when he is doing so much better, I also feel great again!
We have a thin layer of snow this morning in Denver, and it's just a beautiful day!
Carpe Diem, Maria.

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