Thursday, April 30, 2009


One thing I have learned is that you never know what days Jacob's seizures will appear. Today was one of them. I just came home from the gym, thinking I would put on some coffee and get ready to go to work for a day full of meetings. Within seconds, I am instead on the phone with 911 ordering an ambulance as my husband is giving Jacob valium. Sarah says: "Not again, Jacob". She knows the routine...
Jacob had a hard time getting out of this seizure despite 3 rounds of valium. He did get a pretty hefty dose today, but after an hour it finally stopped. The ambulance crew felt they needed a line for IV fluid and meds before they got to the hospital, so they poked him 10 times before they finally got a line in his leg! He is pretty bruised tonight.
You know when the ambulance crew thinks it's serious and they have to do some work on your kid in the ambulance. You're then not allowed to sit in the back of the ambulance, you have to sit up front with the driver. Secondly, the sirens are on all the time...It was interesting to see how cars react in rush hour when an ambulance comes down the highway. I was amazed with so many drivers not knowing to simply get out of the way. We also had 2 cars on two different occasions racing us to pass us, which is actually illegal. I am just wondering what can go through the head of a driver racing an ambulance with sirens on! Just beats my mind.
After the seizure stopped, we went through all kinds of tests, but nothing showed up as bacterial virus. We got to go home in the afternoon. Jacob has been very tired from all the valium, but gives us smiles and doesn't show any further signs of sickness.
We hope it stays that way, since Jacob has a big day on Saturday. He is going to kick off the Miles for Miracle race carrying the torch on Saturday morning. In the evening, we have the silent auction for Jacob's wish to go to Disney World. I am hearing the event is completely sold out. I will give you an update after Saturday again.
Sleep tight, Maria.

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