Friday, May 1, 2009


So, I spend the morning with Neurology at Children's, and I am almost home at our house when I get a phone call from the ER at Children's. Jacob's blood culture from yesterday is positive, and we need to come back for IV antibiotics and Jacob will be admitted. No question about it!
My first thought was - bad timing. We had so much planned for this weekend, and we know that you need to at least do IV antibiotics for 48 hours.
We went home to pack, and got to the ER mid day. There are so many sick kids around despite it being 1st of May today! I was surprised by the crowd in the ER waiting room. After some waiting, we got a bed in the ER. They have accessed the port again for another blood culture, and will start him on antibiotics soon. We're hoping that some time this afternoon we get moved upstairs to a room.
Our big Jacob day tomorrow will look a bit different than we hoped for. Sarah and I will do the race rather than the whole family. Our dear nurse Shannon has promised to come and be with Jacob in the hospital when we go to the dinner at night. That is pretty huge, since she can't get paid when he is in the hospital. She simply wants to do this for us.
I am trying to stay positive. The good thing with bacterial infection is that they can treat it. We will still try to do the best out of tomorrow, and then hopefully early next week we can bring Jacob home again.
I have never wished for warm weather as much as this spring!
Love, Maria.

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