Monday, May 18, 2009


It's 9 pm, and we're leaving in 7 hours for Disney. I realize that I for the longest time didn't think the trip would happen, and now I finally do!
We still have some last minute packing to do, but things are under control.
Jacob is doing well. He's taking his last antibiotics for his ear infection tomorrow morning, and I don't see any sign of illness.
I think it was my turn this time. I broke out in shingles over the weekend...This time on my neck. I got set up with antiviral pills and antibiotics today, so it should take care of it. My permanent congivitis also came back full blown, so I'm also on some sort of eye drops for that...I know this is all stress related. I realize that I have been so afraid that the trip wouldn't happen due to Jacob getting sick again, and it would so break Sarah's heart. I think yesterday was the first time I started to think that the trip would actually happen. For you who remember Jacob's first hospitalization in spring of 2006, that's also the time I broke out in shingles last time. So, I do know it's stress related. Vacation is probably the best medication for me!
We're getting picked up by a limousine at 4 am tomorrow morning, so time to do the last packing now. We'll have a laptop with us, so I will write some updates from Jacob's Wish trip!
If you want to take a peak where we will stay, you can go to:
Good night, Maria.

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