Friday, July 17, 2009


weeks. He is still coughing, needing suctioning, and his feeds take the double time to complete - but we're home and Jacob is improving.
Jacob is back in speech, physical, and occupational therapy. I never thought routine would feel this good. Jacob has also gone to the pool twice, and he simply LOVES being in the water!
Today was a busy day. We had a few friends over from Jacob's class at Bal-Swan, and we all had a good time together. We then headed over to Bal-Swan. It was picture time! Bal-Swan has a ball each year, and they are currently preparing the invitations for next year. It will be a Western theme, and Jacob was dressed in blue jeans, blue-and-white striped shirt, cowboy boots and a hat on his knee! He was so cute! We then headed for the pool. Jacob is in deep sleep after this busy day.
We met with Jacob's primary physician yesterday. We discussed Jacob's recovery and the possibility of the trach. I was impressed with her balanced answer. She feels we need to give Jacob more time to recover, and see how he will do over the coming weeks. She said straight out that he might be heading down the path of needing a trach - or maybe not. Only time can tell. She also wants to understand how his sleep apnea is doing these days. We have a sleep study scheduled for end of the month, and that will also help us to understand how Jacob's breathing is impacted. This will give us some time to think and learn more about a possible trach, so if we ever have to go down that path, we are better prepared. Every time I see Jacob in the wather though, it's really hard to think that he wouldn't be able to enjoy that again. On the other hand, I rather have him breathe safely. If a trach is the only way for us to keep Jacob safe, we will do it. No doubt. But it's a last resort. All other possibilites must have been explored.
Joakim's dad and step mom are coming in 10 days, and staying for 2 weeks. This will carry us almost up until school starts. It's very hard to manage both kids and their needs, especially when we can end up in the ER any day, so we're happy to get some help in our daily lives!
Summer greetings,

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