Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jacob and Joakim had a really long day yesterday. At 4 am, they finally got to leave the ER and got transferred to the ICU. They felt with his recent crash in June that they wanted to monitor his pneumonia closely and the ICU is the best place for that.
Joakim called me at 4 am before Jacob and him were going to bed, and of course I couldn't sleep anymore after knowing where they were. So, it turned into a short night for all of us.
We're in the ICU now, but we'll be transferred to the regular floor some time today. The pneumonia is definitely there, but it might not be caused by aspiration. Typically aspiration pneumonia shows up on the upper right side, and this one is showing up on the lower left side. No trach discussion with his doctor today...Not sure if she will save it for later. I just didn't have the energy to ask myself today.
We're definitely staying here until Saturday morning as it looks right now. The doctors are worried he has a line infection as well. We won't know until the blood culture is 72 hours, which is Friday night.
We try to stay positive, since Jacob is actually stronger this time despite being pretty sick again. No tube, no central line, no ART line this time. Joakim and Sarah will head up to Breck on Friday morning, if Jacob doesn't get worse. I will stay with him in the hospital and hopefully come home on Saturday some time. I will then swap with Joakim some time on Sunday, and spend Sunday/Monday with Sarah up in Breck. All of this is tentative, since Jacob's health comes first.
Sarah is with our neighbor Paige today, just done with her swim lesson about now. She was excited to go to her today, but wanted her favorite teddy bear with her. She will come and have dinner with us tonight, and maybe watch one of the new movies they have loaded on to the film system here. It's sad, but we know immediately when new movies are loaded...
Jacob is in deep sleep after a very short night. I am getting settled in again with some magazines and my laptop, and Joakim just stepped out to get something to eat.
Thanks for all the well wishes coming our ways. Joakim's colleague Bret once wrote in the guest book that he believes it's helping the whole family that there are so many people praying and thinking of Jacob and all of us, and it's very much true. In the middle of all the stress, we all feel very supported, and appreciate each little thought or gesture from each of you.
Love, Maria.

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