Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I know several of you enjoyed me writing rather than my mom. I’ll do one more update before handing over to her, since this was MY week. Mom is also sound asleep after me having kept her up the two last nights…just had a hard time settling in for good sleep lately, also spiked a fever last night again.
I got to go back to school!!! It was a lot of fun to get to know the kids in class, and they were all playing with me. Kate is really cute, and she loves just standing next to me, sort of keeping an eye on me. My classmates were pretty fascinated that my water goes straight into my tummy without me swallowing during snack time. Nathan really wanted to share his pretzels with me, so I felt them in my mouth to please him. I made several art projects with the help of Shannon, and also a pretty neat photo mobile of my family! Mrs. Britney visited with me my first day before she had to go for a planning day. I have now also met with Mrs. Sara. She is cool! I do like when she is singing.
Mom refers to Children’s hospital as our second home. I have to move it down to third place. My school Bal-Swan gets second place after Lake Isle Lane. I have something going on there every day of the week, and this week I got to do it all except warm water therapy. The pool was broken! I still got to see Jill for occupational therapy, Melissa for speech, and made it to school both Tuesday and Thursday! I loved it, BUT it did tire me out. At 6 pm, my myoclonus (my twitching movements in my hands and legs) was worse than ever. I hit the sack at 6:30 pm both school nights.

Mom had a good week too. She is sort of getting into her own projects as she is working less, and I’m staying close to home. She is getting involved in Bal-Swan’s annual ball (March of 2010). She is already thinking about different sponsors for the ball, and has also joined the auction’s committee. She will make phone calls for donations to use for the ball’s silent auction. This doesn’t face my mom at all. She has no problem getting on the phone…making ball decorations on the other hand wouldn’t be her thing…

Each year, one school family makes a speech at the ball. This year, it will be my mom! I am pretty proud of her. She might not admit it, but she loves that kind of thing. 600 people at the ball…she might be nervous, but I know she will do great!
Mom is also excited that her seizure project is taking off at Children’s. They will build up a parent network for kids with seizures. She will get some parent couching training from the epilepsy foundation in the coming weeks, and then off she goes!
She was also asked to go up to Keystone for the annual Re-max meeting in October to do a speech about the Prestige Miracle Foundation that gave me a generous grant for hippo and warm water therapy. She is hoping it will work out, and we/she can go!
This weekend, I am planning to lay low and get ready for next week. I absolutely want to get in the pool Monday morning with Jill for the warm water therapy! I also don’t want to miss school or any of my therapies! Mom is also saying that I should stay healthy next week, so she can get out her cavity wisdom tooth on Thursday. She simply won’t go into surgery, if I am hanging out at Children’s.

Have a great weekend!

– Jacob.

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