Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sarah just met with Jacob after 2 weeks. She has been excited about it for days, but it was a bit scary to see Jacob with the breathing tube, all the lines, and his EEG turban. How do you cuddle with your brother with all this equipment?! Sarah settled on holding his hand, and checking out his new stuffed animals. Pretty quickly, it was more fun to play a game on daddy's phone...I still think it was good for her to see him, since the big question over the past week has been "where is Jacob?". I have a feeling she started to really doubt if he was in the hospital or not. I am very happy the charge nurse decided to make an exception for Sarah to see Jacob! As our doctor says rules are there to be broken.
Jacob is starting to come out of the coma. We can see him coughing again, and he started to move his hands around today. They are considering speeding up the process to get him out of the coma, but we're probably still looking at Wednesday. The most important thing is that they still don't see any seizures on the EEG.
In addition to pneumonia, Jacob also has pseudomonas again, and 2 other bacterial infections. They are treating all infections with heavy antibiotics.
After yesterday, I've decided to stop staring at Jacob's EEG. It's something we have done for two weeks now, and yesterday morning I was so sure the seizures were back. The red and blue lines on the EEG were all over the place, and I just felt that I was waiting for a bad verdict. His doctor came by, and I told her about my worry. She told me to stop looking, and that I was NOT an epitologist! After I got the good news that the seizures were not back, I decided to relax about the EEG...
We're now in this waiting mode. Hoping Jacob will come out of it seizure free. They will put Jacob on a steroid to prevent his airways from swelling this time, so hopefully the extubation will go well as well.
It feels like our lives are put on hold as life is still happening all around us. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I did order our turkey over the phone this morning! Still hoping for a dinner at home when the holiday comes around.
Enjoy the snow! - Maria.

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