Monday, December 21, 2009


We were welcomed by a big welcome home sign in both English and Swedish tonight (thank you Kral!). Jacob is sleeping in his own bed, and so is Sarah. Jenny and Joakim are sitting on the couch relaxing. I have prepared medication sheets and schedule for our nurse Linda, who comes tomorrow morning to be re-trained on our little guy.
It's a better feeling to be home than I actually thought. This is a home again, not just a place to sleep. Jacob looks so peaceful in his bed, in his own PJ, with his own sheets. His little Christmas tree is up. Sarah and Jenny decorated it for him today.
50 days in the hospital. That was a stretch. You all know our ups and downs that Jacob and us endured. I still felt a bit sad to leave today. We will miss our wonderful nurses and dedicated doctors. They sure have their hearts in the right place. Many hugs before we left today. I will also miss my friends who regularly visit Children's with their kids. They always took time out of their schedule to chat about anything from death to the smiles on our kids' faces. Sharing and exchanging experiences.
Jacob's unpredictable future has not changed, but for now we're going to live in the moment, and just enjoy each other. We have a wonderful photographer and mom come to our house tomorrow to do another photo session of Jacob and us.
My plan is to not write another update until Christmas. Please pray and hope that there will be no other updates before then. We all know who is the boss around here - a most adorable, beautiful boy sleeping in his own bed tonight.
Much love, Maria.

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