Monday, December 21, 2009


Sitting in the hospital bed with Jacob trying to get the hours to pass until the afternoon when the doctors will assess if Jacob gets to go home today or not.
The Butterfly program had given us tickets to the musical "The little house on the Prairie" last night. They felt we needed a night out before we're leaving the hospital world. We all enjoyed the show until the doctor called us during the play to let us know that Jacob had spiked a high fever...They were taking a chest x-ray, drawing a blood culture, and doing a nasal swab. It sort of took the air out of all of us. We had so hoped to get home today, and now Jacob was sick once more...Joakim went back to the hospital after the show, and found Jacob in a pretty good mood considering his fever. The fever also went away on it's own without Motrin, so that felt like a good sign.
Today, Jacob's fever is gone, but they do want to assess him this afternoon again before they make a decision if he can go home or not. They want to make sure we don't end right back here tomorrow again. We'll see what the verdict is later on today.
We're a bit nervous to bring Jacob home. He's so fragile, and the care is even more involved than we had in October. There are more meds to administer at different times throughout the day, seizure control and management, and the case of Jacob getting sick or even crashing. It feels like bringing home a new born baby in a way. A bit overwhelming, but oh so wonderful!
Bare with us as we get used to having Jacob at home again, understanding his new day-to-day routine, and how much we can expose him to the outside world as he's still fighting his pneumonia. We're going to take baby steps, since we don't want to risk Jacob's health in any possible way.
Still hoping to be home by Christmas, and staying home for a bit! THANK YOU everyone for helping us through this really, really rough time. Today, we have been 50 (!) days in the hospital.
Love, Maria.

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