Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am laying on a comfortable bed at Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque. It's quiet. It's clean. It feels a bit like luxury. We have been fed all day long with good New Mexican food.
I am attending the conference for National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) with the seizure group from Children's hospital. We have been working all day on our learning collaborative - adding, removing and refining our goals.
We have listened to what other states are doing around healthcare for kids with Epilepsy as well as Early Newborn Hearing Screening. I haven't been using my brain like this in a long time, so feel tired in a different way. Exhausted, and not willing to think another intelligent thought tonight. We ended the day at a local diner, and it was interesting to find out more about the team I have been working with for over 6 months now.
I did wonder, if I truly would get to go with Jacob in the hospital. Dr. E. looked concerned as I brought up the trip on Monday. Yesterday, she did encourage me to go, saying that Joakim could handle Jacob for a day or two as grand pa was home with Sarah. She sure knows our family setting!
So, I did leave Jacob and the hospital to go home and pack my bags. As I was going through security, I realized that I simply had sticked the large sized toiletries from the hospital in my bag - not thinking, simply doing. I had to go back and check my bag (being told by security that they would give me a fine)...The plane then had a 3 hours delay... and when we finally made it to the hotel a little bit before midnight, we were shipped off to another hotel due to Hyatt being overbooked...And not a single moment did I sweat the small stuff - I was simply going with the flow. I was proud of myself.
Tomorrow night, I am back home again. I will enjoy this world for another day, but will definitely be ready to tuck in my kids tomorrow night again. Jacob finally got home late tonight after a fever that throw everybody off today. We're having hope that Jacob will be home for his 4th birthday on Sunday.
Love, Maria.

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