Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Who would have thought that seeing blood coming out of Jacob's medi-port would ever lead to true happiness? That type of happiness you feel deep down in your abdominal moving from the stomach up through your chest to a bubbly laugh. Happiness not measured by success or money, happiness you only can find in people and love. We all simply laughed and hugged as the blood kept coming out of Jacob's medi-port today. The blood clot was a memory in the past! The medicine worked!!! Jacob was all smiles, and hasn't looked so well in a long time. I think he simply knew we were celebrating something big.
I guess I have felt that Jacob has had less luck lately, and if there is a possibility of something going wrong for him, it does happen. I had therefore already prepared myself for another round of surgery when Dr. E said that she felt the risk was too high to put Jacob under anaesthesia with his pneumonia. We simply would have a "non-accessible" Jacob until the next emergency, and we would at that time put in a PICC line. We would then wait for spring to put in a new medi-port, but as she said "I'm going to work very hard to get this port to work before we even go there."
Tonight, I can only thank myself for following my instinct on Sunday night as the surgery team was ready to put in a new port Monday morning. I simply felt it was a too rushed decision.
We're also very happy with our three new nurses. They are young qualified nurses all over Jacob's care! What a positive change. It's going to be easier to leave the house knowing Jacob is in good hands.
Tonight, Sarah prepared hers and Jacob's Valentine's cards for their schools. She was chit chatting, and was asking if Jacob would ever attend the "mom-son bowling event" they have at her school. I said that it might be hard for Jacob to bowl. "No mommy, it wouldn't be hard. You just put him in his new wheel chair (arriving next week), and help him roll the ball. It's as simple as that". I admire my daughter for always seeing the possibilities in each situation. She is lately the one coming up with the absolute best solutions to little things in Jacob's daily life.
Love, Maria.

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