Monday, February 22, 2010


It's getting close to midnight, and Jacob and I are hanging out in the ER. Jacob is in deep sleep after spiking a fever of 103.7 this evening. Suctioning didn't really work, breathing got labored and HR was up in 180s, so around 8 pm we called an ambulance to take him down to Children's. I was so sure he had come down with another pneumonia, so had my bags packed including my lap top. It looks like I am ready to move in:-
Pneumonia is outruled for now. So, I am hoping that we get to go home tonight even if it's in the middle of the night. We still need to get a blood culture drawn and a nasal swab to rule out any other bacterial or viral infection. It will be a long night.
I am so hoping we get to go home. Having been home for about two weeks is exactly the time it takes to get settled in your home routine again. You start to believe that you will wake up and go to bed in the same house and bed. You start to make plans for the coming week.
So, keep the hope with me tonight that Jacob just had a fluke high temperature, which can happen with mitochondrial disorder (if a bit unlikely), and that we do get to go home tonight, even if it's in the morning hours. I have picked up breakfast on the way home from the ER before.
Love, Maria.

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