Monday, February 22, 2010


I know you all know it. I am not 20 anymore, but this past night I definitely felt it. You know those days when you could pull off staying up all night, and barely feeling it the day after? That's not happening anymore. As I was looking at the clock at 4:30 am realizing that I still hadn't slept a bit due to the nurses running in and out all night long, and just not finding a single comfortable position as I was sharing this tiny bed with Jacob dressed in wool sweater and tight jeans! Not a great choice for a 14 hours stay in the ER...
As the nurses came in once more around 6 am to make one final attempt to get Jacob's medi port to draw blood after having tried for hours to get the blood clots to dissolve, I simply didn't care anymore what the outcome would be. My sleep deprivation had completely taken over for the outcome of actually getting mission accomplished and being able to leave the ER. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!
We finally got the blood tests done at 7 am after having tried most of the night. We then had to wait for the initial results to know if we could get home or not. The answer was: "Jacob is definitely hospital sick". His white blood count cell is elevated, and he needs a lot of suctioning all the time. Both the ER doc and the respiratory therapist had seen Jacob in the ICU really sick, so they were on the fence what to do. In the end, Dr. E. informed the ER doc that it should be "mom's decision" this time. Since we're most likely is dealing with a virus, we decided to pack up and go home knowing that we might have to go back, if Jacob gets worse.
We didn't come home in time for breakfast, we did come home in time for lunch. Jacob and I both skipped lunch, and went straight to bed. Jacob slept for 5 hours, I got in 2,5 hours before I had to pick up Sarah from school.
Jacob is sick. He goes in and out of sleep, and is not too interested in anything else but resting. Reading books is ok, but that's about the activity for the day. His breathing is under control, and the fever is not back.
I am taking him in tomorrow again, so Dr. E can take a look at him. We should also have all the results back at that time, and might know if we can name this little bug something or if we simply have to go with a cold. I don't care as long as we can catch up on sleep this coming night, and manage this bug from home. Sleep deprived or not, I am pretty happy in the place getting close to 40 rather than 20...
Take care, Maria.

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