Friday, February 5, 2010


We're going home today! This has sure been a tough pneumonia to treat, and it's clear that the bacteria were resistant to the last round of antibiotics. In addition, the doctors are worried with his excessive diarrhea that he didn't absorb the medication fully.
So, Jacob is going home on IV antibiotics this time around. He has done it before, but it has probably been close to a year now. There is still a suspicion that he might need even stronger antibiotics this time around, so we'll get a chest x-ray next week, and see if we need to swap the antibiotics around once more or not...
Our home nursing situation is hopefully getting straigthened out as well. We did have to give notice to our day nurse. We were concerned about her not transferring Jacob enough, letting him sit still for very long periods of time. There was also a lack of confidence in the care. Our night nurse then got cold feet when Jacob was hospitalized last week, so went to another agency! We were then going to start out with two new nurses this week, but then Jacob got hospitalized again! They are now putting 4 nurses on our case, each one working a shift or two. It will be a lot of personnel in the house and lots of teaching in the beginning, but the good thing is that when Jacob is in the hospital none of them will ever loose more than a shift or two. I am hopeful it will work out this time.
So, we're getting ready to go home, knowing it will be really busy with Jacob's care, but it's always worth doing it at home if we can. It's just so disruptive to all our lives to live between hospital and home - even for a few days like this time. You feel like you're always in catch up mode. The nice thing is that I had so many friends hanging out with their kids this week at the hospital, so I sort of got my energy boosts when I needed them.
I hope you all have a great weekend! - Maria.

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