Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We're starting the month of February back at Children's. Jacob spiked a high fever over night that didn't stop for 7 hours despite alternating Motrin and Tylenol. Heart rate was up as well as seizure activity. We already had a scheduled doctor's appointment this morning, so packed my overnight bag & lap top in addition to all of Jacob's gear. Just in case.
The chest x-ray revealed a pneumonia on the left hand side. The one from last week on the right hand side looks better, but is still there. The thinking is that the pneumonia might be resistant to the oral antibiotics he has been on, so now we're moving on to big gun antibiotics again...I am also hearing we're ruling out a line infection, but I am not so concerned about that myself.
Tonight was rough for Jacob. He was so overly tired from loosing a lot of sleep last night, seizing on and off, and his breathing is labored. His oxygen saturation dropped to 63%, and we had the whole medical crew running into the room. Never a situation you want to be in. I am really worried that he needs more than oxygen tonight. I have encouraged them to give him a little bit of support with the CPap if needed. I do want to avoid an intubation to any extent, if possible.
It's a weird feeling to sit here tonight. I sort of got a little bit optimistic with Jacob's 4th birthday behind us, but now I just see one pneumonia after the next. Jacob also has this pattern to get admitted right when one of our relatives from Europe leaves. It always happens the day of the travel or the day after...It might be a sign that they simply shouldn't leave.
I am also tonight thinking of our dear loving friends down in the NICU with their newborn baby fighting RSV. I hold her today, and it was a precious moment. My other dear friend is still camping out on the 8th floor with her son after 3 long weeks here struggling with RSV and pneumonia and now oxygen desaturations and breathing issues. My heart goes out to both of them, hoping that they together with Jacob can soon leave our second home.
Love, Maria.

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