Thursday, June 17, 2010


Mom and I are both back from the mountains now. Very happy to have mom back. I woke her up extra early this morning, and just wanted to catch up again! Sarah and dad are still up in Breck. Today, they went dog sledding to Sarah's delight! I wish I could have seen the dogs myself. I am a big dog lover as some of you know.
Today, I spent a good portion of the day at Children's with Dr. E. It was a follow up appointment, and a GOOD ONE! She was very excited that I got to go on vacation, and that I had a great time despite the daily snow. She was also pretty excited over how good I look these days :- She even cancelled my blood draw for another seizure med level. YEAH! We're also moving from seeing her every 2 weeks to every 3 weeks now. It might not sound like a lot, but my mom is sort of excited about that.
And today Dr. E. brought up my flu shot!!! Can you believe it? Who thinks about flu shots in June, if not Dr. E? She has already a plan for me, when I will get my shot (for both regular flu and H1N1), and that I will be tested for H1N1 as soon as I show cold symptoms with start in August. My nurse looked pretty surprised about the outlined plan already ready to go! My mom had mixed feelings. She is always happy when we have something forward looking to talk about. What she is not looking forward to is another early flu season.
I guess I must have looked really good today, since the attention was also not completely on ME today. Dr. E. and mom had a long discussion about Stieg Larsson's books and how much they both enjoy them. I think my mom talked Dr. E. into going and see the movie of the first book Girl with the Dragon Tattoo currently showing in Denver.
Well, for now, I am not going to think about flu shots and respiratory season. For now, I am going to enjoy summer, my favorite season. I love going swimming! I love riding in my new stroller! I love my new cooling vest (Deana - thanks for the tip!) that will keep me cool despite 90F+ heat. I love sharing popsicles with my sister! I love that my sissy and daddy will be back home with me again tomorrow night.
Lots of love,

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