Sunday, June 6, 2010


It’s Sunday evening, and we’re all tired, but it’s that good tired after having had a great weekend. The feeling of satisfaction, great friends, and maybe a bit too much sun.

Saturday morning, Sarah and I ventured out to Windsor and Landon’s Hope. It was a 5K walk in memory of two Mitochondrial children, Landon and Marie, who have passed away. All funds were going to research of mitochondrial disease.

It was a beautiful walk with my girl Sarah who was not too keen on walking 5K, and my dear friend Heather who can jump from one topic to the next without finishing a single one, and feeling completely content with all the things we cover in one conversation! Sarah enjoyed the playground, the snacks, and the face painting (in her case arm painting). I enjoyed to simply be there, being part of this community, and having a friend by my side. The great thing is that we decided that we’ll put together another Mito Walk in the fall for our kiddos Jacob and Samantha ( Please stay put for details, but it’s a day we would like to see you all come and cheer for our kiddos, and raise money for a cure for Mitochondrial disease. It should be a fun family event!

Today, we spent some time at the pool. Sarah stays in the pool for hours. Yes, hours! She is very much enjoying her summer so far. I am so happy for her.

We also had our family pic-nic for our support group this afternoon. It feels like a true accomplishment that Jacob did so well during a three hour pic-nic in 90F degree heat! We had great food, and even greater conversations. At one point, several kiddos were having their g-tube feeds at the same time. One of the siblings had to take a close look, since it was quite a sight! Sarah found a few siblings to play with, and enjoyed the playground a lot! We all came home, tired from the weekend, but definitely feeling that summer is here!

Love, Maria.

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