Monday, June 21, 2010


It’s summer. I wake up early each morning from the sunlight through our bathroom window. It’s warm already at 5:30 am in the morning. Not too hot, but nicely warm.

Kids having schedules that allow cuddle time in the morning.

Sarah already looking like a gingerbread cookie after days in the pool and being outside.
Jacob starting his farmer tan after floating around on his “floatie” in the pool.

Finding time to read a whole book, not just a chapter.

Sitting on the front porch swing after dinner just listening to the sounds of the neighborhood.

Hearing the sound of a lawn mower in the distance.

Children playing.

Children biking.

Jacob giving up a big sigh of content.

Sarah playing, Sarah smiling.

Dinners really not happening anymore. Leftovers or putting something on the BBQ work just fine.

Making sure ice cream is in the freezer.

Taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

Cleaning and house projects are off the list.

Watering our roses that grow like weed.

Washing off Sarah’s dirty feet in the shower after a long day outside.

Putting on the fan in Jacob’s bed room.

Giving the suction machine a break.

Folding swim suits and towels at night.

Having a glass of wine in the backyard with Joakim when the kids are tucked in
...and being bitten by mosquitoes.

Summer is here, and we’re enjoying every bit of it. I could definitely get used to this…

Love, Maria.

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