Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After two days together with Sarah, it was time for Joakim and Jacob to join us. We definitely had some "family drama" before we finally are settled tonight. Jacob was exhausted from the car ride, and needed a couple of liters of oxygen to recoup when he came up here. Not long after he arrived, the seizures arrived as well, so we gave him a dose of Ativan. At the same time as we were battling seizures, the 4 pm freshly baked cookies were ready to be picked up from the main building...and no one could go with Sarah...She got furious after having had two days with mom all to herself, and now we were back to normal where her brother comes first - at least when we're in the middle of battling seizures.
After some tears, seizures under control, Jacob's equipment all unpacked, and dinner on the table, we could get back to vacation again. It was that perfect summer mountain evening with clear blue sky and a chill in the air. Our patio is facing a meadow this time. After a couple of games of Trouble, Sarah and I went picking wild flowers. What a great ending to the day.
Both kids are now asleep after a full day. Sarah holding Jacob's little left hand, since he had a hard time falling asleep tonight. I am resting my legs on the couch after Sarah and I biked 18 miles down to Frisco and back today. It was a beautiful ride, but I definitely got an exercise on the way back with Sarah not paddling on the tagalong!
Tomorrow we're hoping to take the kids for a stroll in Breckenridge, and some swimming!
Enjoy your summer! Love, Maria.

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