Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have a new chair, a wombat chair! We spent several hours getting it fitted yesterday, and surprise, surprise - we took it home with us! It ate up my whole grant money for the year, but I so need this chair! Mommy says it might possibly be the most expensive piece of furniture in the house!
But hey - it's so worth it! My wombat lets me play with the other kids on their level!!! When I cruised into the class room during snack time today, they all started shouting: "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!!!". I can now race around the classs room in my wombat, and be as fast as the other kids! One of the girls even helped Gemma to push me out on the playground today. You can also see in the new pictures how we all sit together during circle time.
I also got to try the swing today. I really, really liked it! Swinging with my friends is my favorite thing to do outside at school.
I feel like I am in a good spot right now. Seizures are under control, secretions are under control, no cold or fever in sight. I am just going to do my best to keep it up!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us with mommy and Sarah leaving town tomorrow, my cousin with girl friend coming, and Sarah's birthday! I am very much looking forward to it all!
Love, Jacob.

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