Monday, September 13, 2010


After getting Sarah off to school, daddy off to work, getting my breakfast and medications done, mommy and I packed up all my gear and equipment, and took off this morning. We went to my favorite place, the warm water pool at Bal Swan. Today, the pool was 95F warm. It was that perfect temperature, a little bit too hot. It took a few seconds to get used to, and then it was simply perfect.
Decreasing one of my seizure medication, and getting the other one up to my old level was a good thing! I had quite a rough week last week until my Keppra (seizure medication) level was back up again. I do LOVE that I don't need as much Phenobarbital (seizure medication) anymore. It's known for making you lethargic and dizzy, so I am just such a happier boy at this new level. I vocalize much more, and have an easier time to focus! My head sometimes felt like a cotton ball in the past!
Jill, my OT, was pretty happy with me today. I was focusing the whole session, and told her when she was working me a little bit too hard, as well as when it was just perfect! I was also holding on to a pink diving ring for 7 minutes in the water!!! It's my own personal record, and I could have gone on even longer, if it wasn't for Jill who wanted to stretch my hips again. It sure hurts when she is stretching my whole body out! I am quite a fighter though as many of you know...
I have now taken a long nap, which I deserve after my hard work in the pool. I am now having my mid-day snack, and then mommy and I are walking up to the school to get Sarah. She started choir today, so we have had a little bit more time this afternoon to play in the backyard.
On Wednesday, we're off to try a new chair for me, which I hope will fit me and give me enough support. The idea is that I will be using it in the classroom with my friends. My wheel chair just doesn't cut it. It's too big and clumsy for the other kids to be around.
This coming weekend, daddy and I will hang out together. Mommy and Sarah are going to Seattle for a wedding. It's an old close friend of my mom (and dad). The girls are excited, and so are we! I will get to meet my Swedish cousin Robin and his girlfriend for the first time as they will be visiting with us for a few days! That will be awesome as my sister typically says!
Happy Monday!
Love, Jacob.
P.S. My sister's birthday is Sunday. She hasn't even mentioned it to me, since she is afraid I'm going to hit the hospital if I know...she sort of knows the rules around here! I do have a really good surprise for her in store this year!

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