Friday, December 31, 2010


I am home again as of Wednesday afternoon. I actually feel pretty much back to normal again. Since they didn't find a name for my virus, I am also off antibiotics again. Yeah!
It sure has been a year, but if I will pick one word to describe 2010, it will be good. I know my family worried a lot about me last winter, but we all started to breathe a bit lighter (literally) as spring came with warmth and flowers once again.
Summer was treating me well. I loved being in the pool, and just hanging outside with my family. I even got to go on vacation this summer! I am also so happy I went back to school this fall, and I made so many new friends once more. I am on a break from school right now, but hopefully can go back in the spring once again.
I also truly love my nurses, Gemma and Libby. They are a true team, and I love that they play with me and watch over me day or night when my family needs to get out of the house or sleep :-
We're ending the year at home. Last year, I ended the year in the ICU with my mom, so this feels special tonight. We're having friends over for dinner tonight, but I am told that I will go to bed my regular time, but we'll see about that...
We're going in to a new year with hope for a mild winter with as few infections as possible. We're going in to a new year with hope for getting another year together. We're going in to 2011 hoping for health and friends. I am forever grateful for everyone cheering for me around the globe.
Much love,

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