Thursday, January 13, 2011


That's how many days it took this year before Jacob needed Children's Hospital. It's a fact - we're in respiratory season. And yes, we're going to have to get used to that the slightest little cold or infection makes Jacob really sick this time of the year. They do see a consolidation on his left lung on the chest x-ray, so there is definitely something brewing. They can't see a full blown pneumonia yet, but it looks like it's brewing and needs to be treated with antibiotics. They're also still waiting for the blood culture and the final test ruling out a lot of viruses. They have not yet had any confirmed cases of flu this year, but as Dr. E says, there is always the first one!
Jacob started out the day yesterday with a long seizure putting him in status epilepticus. After he got out of the seizure, his heart rate never settled. Instead a fever started spiking, and he needed more oxygen than he typically needs. His little body was working really hard.
Tonight, I would still say that Jacob is sick. He is pale, and has lots of secretions, and definitely less energy. No more seizures and no fever today, so that is a positive.
We're hoping to be home by the weekend some time. I am hoping for tomorrow night, but that might be a bit tight considering that some tests are not back until late tomorrow afternoon. The biggest factor will be how Jacob feels tomorrow. We know who is in charge. We also are going home on IV antibiotics, and it's definitely a process to get them all lined up at home.
It's always interesting to me how each stay is a bit different. We do know his team well this time, and Dr. E is keeping a close eye on our little boy, making sure the team does what she thinks is right. We also saw Dr. C. today, and had a good talk about Jacob's seizures right now. It's always a positive when we don't have to make any med changes in that area. We also had a dear friend visiting with home made toffee this afternoon, which I guess ruined my appetite for dinner :- They were just so good...
Send positive thoughts that this will be a fairly quick stay, but more than anything, quick recovery! Pneumonias can take quite a toll on our little guy for a while after we come home.
Much love from the 9th floor,

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