Sunday, January 23, 2011


Some people would probably think that it wouldn’t be worth planning a week in the mountains when you know that you can’t go as a family, and a medical emergency can strike any time. But it is worth it. If that is the only way you can go away for a few days, it is worth it.

We spent the last week in Breckenridge with Sarah. She had full attention of one parent, some times even both of us. We went swimming, we sat in the hot tub and watched big snowflakes hit the hot water, we built a house out of icicles, we built snowmen, we found cute little stores in town, we ate newly baked cookies, we had movie nights, and we laughed. We had quality time.

And yes we skied together. It is something special to see your little girl go down the mountains. I also got to remember why I moved to Colorado once. It is the snow. It is the mountains. It is that feeling of freedom coming down the slopes, and leaving any worries or troubles behind.

At the same time, it was a special moment to come home to Jacob in his fleece PJ, already half asleep, ready for bed. As I said his name his eyes were suddenly wide open as he realized that mom had come home again. That was a little perfect Jacob moment, like coming down the slope and coming home.

Being home alone with Jacob for the last days, I also realized how busy we are in the day to day. The last couple of days, we have had time to truly stretch, read, and cuddle. We slowed down the pace.

Today, Sarah and Joakim will come home again. We all had a little bit of a break, batteries are charged again, and we’re now ready for the week ahead.

Love, Maria.
P.S. Jacob is off antibiotics, but still recovering from his pneumonia. Secretions are thick, thick!!! Check out his new glasses as well!

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