Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As I drove down to Children's Hospital this bitter cold morning, I had a different mission than I typically have. Today, it was time for the Quality and Safety Committee of the Board to observe all departments of the hospital by following a worker for about two hours.
I got assigned to the 9th floor together with a senior staff member at Children's Hospital. It is the pulmonary floor of the hospital, and the floor Jacob goes to all the time due to him wearing a bi-pap at night.
We followed a nurse that I know Jacob has had before, and it was really interesting to be on the "other" side. It was interesting to see the variety of patients, and the different care needed from what Jacob typically requires. It was great to see the cooperation between the different staff members, and how all staff "huddle" (meet) together and share their at-risk patients for the day as well as sharing a "snowy day" memory from the past. It just showed me the great team work that we're used to find when we're in the hospital.
It also surprised me that the thermometer and the cord to the diagnostic equipment are the two things always missing in the rooms (and sure enough in the room where we were)! It was really good for me to see all the safety checks going into administrating the medications despite me many times impatiently waiting for the seizure meds to arrive in Jacob's room.
It was also interesting to hear the different observations from the different units as we all got together after our observation rounds. I heard many observations that are so true from our own experiences (including not always having warm water in the room)!
I left with a feeling that having parents be involved on the committee of the board is truly helping the leaders of the hospital to see change and to lead change. I left with a feeling that these observations will help the leaders to continue to improve as they see and "feel" the work that is performed on the actual units. I left with a feeling that the Children's Hospital is the best and safest hospital for our little kiddo whenever he needs it. There is now a confirmed level of confidence.
Right now, Jacob is not needing the hospital. He is doing much better in terms of his seizures. We have gone from 1-2 longer complex partial seizures a night to 1-2 seizures per week! It is just amazing how the little guy pulled through once again! He is also adjusting to his new meds, and is getting more alert again. We had a cold in the house last week, but it didn't reach Jacob! Yeah!!! The little things to celebrate.
Greetings from a snowy and cold Colorado.
Much love,
P.S. I posted some new pictures of the kids. With the cold weather, we have definitely had more time inside lately.

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