Saturday, March 26, 2011


I can't believe it, but I think I have survived yet another winter! Spring is in the air, and I feel really great! I have been out quite a lot this winter for long walks, and the other day I realized that the trees are in bloom!
Sarah and I are both on spring break this week. For me, it means I got a break from most of my therapies. I love seeing my therapists, but once in a while, it's nice to have less of a schedule.
Sarah and mom went to the mountains for a few days. Dad joined them for a day of skiing as well. They all had a good time, but Sarah missed me so much one night that she was ready to come home early. I had a good time with Gemma and dad back home, so was happy Sarah stayed. Mom strained her calf pretty badly, so she ended up not being able to ski. She was a bit bummed, but that gave her an excuse to hang out in the outdoor hot tub!
Sarah has been busy with friends, so today I put my foot down. I wanted to have a day with her! Today, we packed up the car and went down to Denver Botanical Garden. I love that place. I can get around in my stroller in the whole garden, and it never feels crowded. Today, we found a little hideout completely to ourselves, and I enjoyed the warm sun on my face. I love the different colors of early spring flowers!
Mom has taken it on to hold the fort down at Children's, so I can take a break. She had a couple of meetings there this week. She got to attend a Patient Safety Round on the 8th floor, which is the floor I have spent most of my time. It was really interesting for her to see the safety risks brought up by the front line staff to the leadership team. This is something the leadership team does on all units twice a year. Mom was impressed, and she also got to see my #1 favorite nurse again!
Yesterday, we also had a couple of medical students come and visit us. It is part of their program to visit with a family to see how we live, and our perspective on future doctors. They asked lots of questions, and brought the best red velvet cup cakes made from scratch - at least that's what Sarah tells me.
In a couple of weeks, I am hoping I am back in school again. We just want to make sure most viruses have moved out of the school by the time I go back!
To a healthy spring!
Lots of love,
P.S. Check out my new pictures as well!

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