Monday, April 25, 2011


I realized how much I had worried about my son's little beating heart when the cardiologist told me that Jacob's heart murmur is innocent. Innocent is good news. The heart murmur is there, but his heart is completely functioning, and there is no hole in his heart. Phew!!! My son can give out big sighs, but this time I think mine was as loud as Jacob's typically are. Innocent...
We then went on to talk about Jacob's heart walls being thickened, and the cardiologist said that Jacob has had that before on EKGs, but that it doesn't impact his heart function. He has no sign of cardiomyopathy at all. Phew! Another big, big sigh of relief.
I was so sure that we would leave with heart medications, and a big fat worry about Jacob now living with cardiomyopathy. Instead, we left with only good news. Jacob should be followed by cardiology and have an echo every 2 years. I can very much live with that.
So, this Monday morning my heart is light again. Jacob is so happy today, and he is smiling all the time. It is as he is taking in the good news as well.
Thanks to everyone who has been cheering for Jacob, and wishing us good luck today!
Much love,

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