Friday, May 6, 2011


That is how I feel tonight. Beaten up. The typical mito illness hit our house this afternoon. Jacob was having a high heart rate during his "rest time" this afternoon, and I just couldn't figure out what was going on...
It could partly be due to the fact that Sarah had a pretty bad bike accident at the same time. She was just going to bike around the neighborhood as she was waiting for a friend to bring over a new puppy to our house to visit. As I was talking to Adams 12 about Jacob's next school year (no news), I heard her coming screaming towards our house - without a bike. And honestly blood from her face down...
I kept my calm, but was surprised by the bruises and open wounds she had from her forehead down to her little toes...Her shoulder was really badly bruised, and you could see that her nose and mouth got a really bad hit. She was crying both from the pain, but also from the shock of what had happened. I still remember vividly when I did something similar in the car garage when I was 6 years old. I am sure my dad remembers it as knees still show signs from that accident....
I was busy this afternoon changing Sarah's schedule around, still caring for the puppy who came to visit us, and getting ready to go to Sarah's teacher's award ceremony. Me and two other parents had submitted her for a teacher award, and sure enough, she won it!
As I was driving over to the ceremony, I got a phone call from Joakim. Jacob had a high fever, and somehow, it all made sense. The slightly yellow secretions in the afternoon, Jacob's high heart rate during the afternoon...Jacob's body had tried to tell us that he was sick!
I thought I might be able to at least see Sarah's teacher do her speech, but it didn't work out that way this time. I got a text as I was biting into my first bite of lovely appetizers that Jacob was still spiking a high fever and had started to seize.
I knew that it was time to leave, and put a game plan into place. I was struck with how "bad" Sarah looked when I got home. She refused to come with us to the ER. She felt horrible. She only wanted to stay on the couch with mommy. So, daddy packed up the car and took Jacob to Children's tonight.
They do see a pneumonia on Jacob's chest x-ray tonight. We're hoping (as always) for a quick stay, since as much as I know it's only another Hallmark holiday, I would sincerely love to spend mother's day with both my kids at home - not in the hospital. We have done major holidays at Children's, so we can wing this one too. It's just not what my selfish me wants.
So, I do have two beaten up kids tonight, and myself definitely feeling it - beaten up.
Love, Maria.

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