Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It is me. I am home again after quite a ride at the hospital this time. Two trips to the ICU. 3rd pneumonia in a month, and topping it off with pseudomonas. It is not how I wanted to start my summer or end my good winter, but that's where I am right now.

The good news is that I am home again. I can get back on my old routine, spend time with my whole family, and have my own nurses take care of me. I always give out a big sigh when I know I am home again. I also get to cuddle with sis whenever I want to.

The plan is to keep me on IV antibiotics for another 12 days from home. I am also getting another antibiotics as a nebulizer twice a day. This is supposed to help me kick this pneumonia out of the system once and for all, and also get this pseudomonas out of my system.

A lot of people are worried about me right now. Worried that I might get another pneumonia or another infection. We know that I can get septic. So I need to lay low at home for a while now. My immune system is lower than it has been in a long time, and I guess I am considered to have a very low immune system to start with...I also can't go swimming when my medi-port is accessed, so no pool or warm water therapy for a while...

I also wanted to tell you about aunty Jenny. She is so much fun! We had the best of times with her. Mom and dad went away to the mountains on a little mini vacation, and Sarah and I stayed home with Jenny and my nurses. We had a good time! I am also working really hard on a peace card for Sarah. I am hoping I can finish it up this week! It looks really neat. Check out the photos from Jenny's visit.

So, I have quite a bit ahead of me to fully recover, but the good news is that I am home again. That is the best medicine for me!

Sleep tight,


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