Saturday, October 15, 2011


Music has always been part of my life. I have to give my family credit for that. Growing up with two parents devoting their lives to music does that to you. I lived in a home that was never quiet. There was always music. A lot of time live music. Mom played the grand piano. Dad played the violin. Jenny, my sister, played the violin, the guitar, the piano, and I am probably forgetting a couple of instruments...It was not always easy to get to the piano to practice, since were three people fighting to get to it. We all sang in choirs with the exception of dad. Mom's choir was the real thing, so she had to practice a lot.

When other families watched TV, we were dragged to the opera and concerts before we even knew what opera truly is. When other families took a vacation to the beach, we went to music and opera festivals around Europe.

As a teenager, I couldn't believe how "uncool" it was being part of this music family. I truly didn't want to have anything of it, but today I am so happy I grow up with music. It was just part of our day. I remember being really proud of both my mom and dad as they were performing, when I got to see them on stage. I especially liked when they performed together on the piano and the violin. What a dynamic! I later got to be as proud of Jenny's singing, since she has the most beautiful voice I know.

Music also taught me that you have to keep your own interests and hobbies alive as you get busy with a family. You are a better person, if you don't loose yourself on that journey.

I have also learned that music can help you through difficult times. Music helped me to grieve, and also to heal after my mom passed away. Music follows me to the hospital, to the ICU, and anywhere we go with Jacob today. Dr. E is a big music lover. I will never forget when she brought me her favorite CDs in the ICU during Jacob's pentobarb coma. Each CD meant something special to her, and it was her way of helping me through a very difficult time.

Today, Jacob started music therapy again. It was outside on our front lawn on a fantastic beautiful warm fall Colorado day. It was with Lisa, who has followed Jacob since he attended Adam's camp a few years ago. Lisa will come and play music with Jacob once a month.

I am amazed by Lisa. You know how some high energy people can leave you exhausted. With Lisa it is the opposite. Her energy just rubs off her, and you can only join in her energy! So, that is what both Jacob and I did.

I knew it was going to be good. Lisa is just very good at what she does. But I didn't realize how engaged Jacob would be. As we were holding the drum stick together, I could feel how Jacob wanted to take charge - he wanted to drum! When Lisa encouraged Jacob to smatter the drum, Jacob worked so, so hard on getting his tiny little fingers to do what his brain wanted him to do. He worked so, so hard. I was amazed to see what Jacob intentionally did to music!

It was also amazing to see how Lisa incorporated Jacob's regular stretches into her music therapy. Jacob got to use his toes, feet, knees, legs, arms, hands, shoulders, and face as part of his music lesson!

It made this beautiful Colorado fall day perfect.

We can't wait for the next time Lisa will be with us.



P.S. Check out the new photos! Jacob has been enjoying the fall in Colorado lately.

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