Sunday, January 1, 2012


Some years I have been pretty happy to put behind me, and get a fresh start. A new beginning. Hope for better things.

It was bittersweet to say farewell to 2011. 2011 treated us really well. 2011 was a year when we didn't constantly live between home and Children's Hospital with the exception of the month of June. We started and ended the year without seizures and pneumonias. It was a good year, and when I think back on the year the best memories are shared times with family and friends.

My lesson learned from 2011 is that you can't predict the future. Well, we all knew that right, but to truly be able to experience an improvement in Jacob's mitochondrial disorder is something we didn't expect. Noone could have predicted that, but it did happen! That is what I will bring with me in to the new year.

I also feel like I am getting better at living in the moment. I spend less and less time worrying about the future or sweating the small stuff. I am better about simply enjoying the little moments in life. It is something I constantly have to remind myself of, but when I do, I am real happy!

I had a good start to 2012. I got to sleep in! I very seldom do that, so that is a big treat. We then made brunch and started the day slow, and the day has continued in a slow pace.

For 2012, I wish for two things - health and happiness. Big words, but that is all we need.

Happy New Year, Gott Nytt År!

- Maria.

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