Thursday, May 21, 2009


After meeting lots of characters, doing many different rides, enjoying different shows, eating great food and tons of ice cream, and getting "the works" at the spa, there is one thing that we see throughout this vacation, and it's KINDNESS. There are so many people who are making this stay very, very special for us.
At the village where we stay, 1400 volunteers donate their time and talent each week. We're greeted each morning by smiles at the breakfast restaurant. We don't even get to carry our own plates to our table. With smiles, they ask us what the plans are for the day. Sarah and Jacob then take a few rides on the carousel before heading back to our villa. We typically have a few of the volunteers coming up, and asking us how our last evening was and if we need anything for the coming day. If Sarah is in the mood, she also picks up an ice-cream on the way back to the villa as a second breakfast.
Last night, Santa's helper took Jacob aside, and read stories for him. That was a big treat for him. A girl from Alabama, Amanda, who is here for the week volunteering, has taken Sarah under her wings. She spent all of Wednesday evening with her during the kid's fest. She pops up at all different events, and always has time for our girl.
In the Disney parks, Jacob's blue button idenfiying him as a Make-A-Wish child gives him the royal treatment. He is directly taking to the front of the line for any ride or any character he wants to greet. He is always greeted with smiles and happiness.
Jacob is actually doing better healthwise than in a very long time. I think him being surrounded by his family all the time is helping a lot and him getting full attention every minute of the day. Being on sea level where it's easier to breathe is also great for him. It's also interesting to see all the kids here with different illnesses. There are many cancer kids as well as kids with different tubes and wheel chairs. Noone talks about the illnesses. This is a place away from doctors and sickness. This is a place where all these kids can simply be kids. The families breathe happiness. It is hard to simply not just join in.
Tonight, the kids have attended the pirate and princess party. Princess Sarah danced, played with her new friends, and got dressed up as a princess. Jacob met SeaWorld's Shamu, collected pirate coins, and danced with mommy.
Tomorrow, we're headed to Animal Kingdom. We're hoping for less rain than today. Today, we actually got stranded at a train station inside Magical Kingdom for 2 hours due to thunderstorms! It sure was wet!!!
We're heading back home Sunday afternoon. It's a weird feeling that we know we won't come back here. We can come and visit for the day, but this is the one place we won't come back to stay again. It's with mixed feelings we see our vacation coming to an end - but first we'll do the most of our last 2 days here!
Take care, Maria.

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