Friday, July 13, 2012


It's me. It is time that I let you all know how my summer is going. I am having a really good time! After my hospital stay in June, and a 3 weeks IV antibiotics course, I seem to have finally kicked those respiratory germs! Yeah!!!

For the first thing, I love having sis home. She hangs out with me throughout the day, and we always have a good time together. We have done a couple of cool art projects, and we even made a strawberry pie together the other day!

Mom is always busy in the summer with sis home. This summer she is also busy with ME! My week is always full of doctor's appointments and therapies, but this summer mom needs to fit in my playdates too! Sis and I sometimes get to each bring a friend to the pool, how cool is that!

I also had a blast at my friend Selina's birthday party. See how her dad gets me smile :-

And that new van of ours is making it so much easier for us to get around! I am going to the pool several times a week with my family. It is no big deal when I simply roll into the van in my wheel chair. My red wagon full of stuff also fits in the car perfectly!

If I can say it myself, I am doing really well in my therapies right now. I am doing high-fives for anyone who is up for it! I have started to differentiate between two things with the help of my buttons. Here my speech therapist gave each of my speech buttons my nicknames: cutie pie and handsome. She asked me to press the right button for handsome versus cutie pie, and I got it right over and over again! It was as they didn't believe I know my own nicknames :- My team Jacob is now brainstorming how they will be able to give me more speech options, so I have an easier way to communicate with the world! I am all game :- By the way, Dr. E. was so impressed with me when mom told her the news this week.

My second cousin also came to visit all the way from Sweden! It was a great weekend! Here we went for an evening swim all of us!

Dad and Sarah are having a blast in Sweden while mom and I are holding down the fort. Mom and I are sneaking in some precious moments when it is only the two of us together. It is special.

Dr. C. is never giving up on removing seizure medications as you all probably know by now...The last wean didn't go as well as we had I had some seizures earlier this week. We will see her this coming week, and hopefully a new plan will be in place. I might also have more news on the Jacob Gene, since we're also visiting the Mito Clinic this coming week. I'll keep you all posted.

Tomorrow, I am going to the pool. Will I see you there?

Much love,
Mr. Jacob.


  1. Thanks for coming to Selina's Party Jacob! It meant a lot to her and all of us, you just make us so happy and we are looking forward to more swimming days this summer.

  2. Thanks guys! It was a great party! See you Saturday at the pool!