Monday, September 17, 2012


It was time for Sarah's back-to-school night last week. I fell in love with her Language Arts Teacher the minute he opened his mouth. A Language Arts Teacher who loves acting. It is a long time since I have been standing in front of such a dynamic teacher. And he is teaching our children to live in the moment. He doesn't want them to write long essays, he simply wants them to learn how to "live in a moment" and write that down. He has them practice to write for 60 seconds without interruption about any topic he decides to give them.

And in the middle of his talk to us eager parents, he reminded me of why I started the blog Moments with Jacob. Life is full of little moments, and if we learn to start capturing those little moments, it will turn into a beautiful life. What a concept, but not always as easy to live by :-

On Friday, Jacob had a perfect day. It was a perfect day in the sense that it contained so many little precious moments. Today was the first time Jacob got to meet his kindergarten class at Coyote Ridge! We haven't been able to go due to illnesses going around in his kindergarten classroom. Today, everyone was healthy!

It was a warm fall day, so all his classmates greeted Jacob on the playground. They have learned about Jacob for the first 20 days of school and today they finally got to meet him! There was lots of excitement, and many, many questions! Isn't he the cutest kindergartner?!

Jacob's special today was P.E. (Physical Enrichment). In my head I had always thought that will be a waste of time for Jacob, but what do you do when that is the special on your first day of school? You take a chance, and sometimes when you do that, it turns into a magical moment. Jacob's gym teacher asked the kids, if they knew about the Olympics. All kids' hands were raised into the sky. He then asked, if the kids knew about the Paralympics. No hands went up in the air. They then got to see a video of a tennis match between two players in wheel chairs. Pretty amazing! He then had all the kids sit on scooter boards and play tennis! Jacob was in his wombat chair, and had to show with his eyes which kid he wanted to throw the ball to. It was a moment of complete inclusion. The most amazing part is that the gym teacher didn't know that Jacob was coming today. This was simply the curriculum for his gym class this September Friday.

As I picked up Gemma and Jacob from school, Jacob couldn't stop smiling! Gemma said that the day had been simply amazing. She is so impressed by Jacob's school team. They are so on top of the game this year, and they are so willing to make this work for Jacob and us. And I am going to enjoy every little precious moment together with Jacob.

Much love,