Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's me. It is my birthday today, my 7th birthday! I decided to sleep in this morning, which Sarah didn't agree with. She was ready to open my presents before going to school, but I had other plans!

My speech therapist came ready to celebrate my birthday. She brought a whole box of new switches and toys for me to try out. I got to do something really cool today. I got to turn the radio on and off with my foot. I listened to the Spanish radio station, and was getting in the mood for Gemma's wedding! Every time the radio turned off, I activated it again with my foot switch. At the same, I got to play with my bunny by activating my hand switch. I think we have found the perfect hand switch for me, hooray! I love when I am in control! You will see who is in charge when we hook up the switch to our TV. I am not so sure sis is going to like the competition.

When sis finally got home from school, it was time to open my presents! I got many new books, some new fun clothes, lots of art supplies, and a snake clamp! We can now hook my IPad to my bed with the help of the snake clamp. I will share pictures later.

My friend Camilla came to visit me this afternoon. I enjoyed Camilla and my mom singing the Swedish birthday song for me!

Tonight, I had family cuddle time. We had taco and movie night! We watched my new movie Lady and the Tramp. Daddy was the only one who had watched it before. It was a perfect way to end my birthday!

Tomorrow, I am going to be busy preparing for my birthday party this weekend!

Love, Jacob.


  1. Happy Birthday, big boy!! You look so good in all of your pictures! Wish I could jump through the screen and kiss your sweet face!! I am so happy you are doing so good! Hugs and kisses from Talon and me! :)

  2. Krissy, it is so good to hear from you and Talon! You have no idea how important it was for me to talk to you that Monday when we just didn't know what to do with Jacob's seizures any longer. We're happy to report that Jacob is doing pretty well right now!!! Take care both!