Friday, June 21, 2013


It's me. Mom has no time to sit down these days, so I guess I better take charge. Despite still recovering from a nasty pneumonia, I started summer school this week!

Summer school is for us kids who might need a little help over the summer, so we're ready to start school in the fall again. For me, I just love to make new friends and spending time with my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pries! Did I say I love her? Did I say that my whole family loves her? Well, that's the truth.

I have so much stuff going on in the morning...A lot of times, I might not make it downstairs until noon. Believe me, noone is slacking off in my house, there is just so much stuff that needs to get done from medications, to breathing treatments, to antibiotics, and the list goes on and on. I think our biggest accomplishment this week is that we have made it to school on time every single day! We have been at school at 9:30 am on the dot! It has to be added that my night nurse Libby starts to prepare my day during the night in order for us to make it to school on time. Crazy, but it works. Thanks Libby! I don't want to miss a minute of school.

The first day of school, I woke up at 4 am! I was just so excited to start my day. Unfortunately, I crashed by 9:30 am. My para Peggy couldn't care less. I still had to practice my slacking off at school :-

I have already made new friends. I immediately noticed that Bella was special. I told her more than once on my talker that I love her. She smiled so big when I told her. She told me she loves me back, and that I am cute...I also asked her to play with me, and that's all we try to do when Mrs. Pries looks the other way :-


I now use my talker every day in school, and I have started to put together short sentences. Oh boy are people impressed. I also get together with my speech therapist every day in school.

And after a lot of hard work - the reward. Hanging out in the pool with sis and her friend. A perfect ending to my first week of school. 4 more weeks of school to go!

Love, Jacob.

P.S. I am still recovering from my last pneumonia and pseudomonas. I just came off the antibiotics, and I don't feel that great tonight. Everyone is worried that I will get really sick again...Keep your fingers crossed that I can get over this at home, so I can continue going to school. I don't want my next post to be from the hospital...fingers crossed!

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