Sunday, September 29, 2013


So from slow moving yesterday, we are now in full force. Jacob did not have a great evening and night. He was obstructive, kept desating, and had trouble breathing. This is the closest we have been to an intubation in years.

During rounds this morning, the team had completely changed their course of action. There was no more waiting and see, treatment was the word of the day. The x-ray now confirms a full blown pneumonia in addition to the aspiration we already knew about. They started Jacob on yet another IV antibiotics and also started him on steroids. IV fluids are on board again. We went up once again on his medication helping to reduce his secretions. Jacob was on bi-pap all day long. His heart is working so hard around the clock. He looked "septic" to the ICU team.

I can report Jacob is not worse tonight, so hopefully he is responding to all the different treatments we started today. I was up with Jacob most of the night once again. I am home tonight, and right now the only thing I can think of is catching up on some sleep while Joakim is taking the night shift in the ICU tonight.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. We surely hope it will be a better one for our boy.

Thanks again for everyone cheering on our boy once again. It is very much appreciated. I hope I have some better news to report next time.

Good night, Maria.


  1. I'm so sorry Maria still praying for our little warrior. your a amazing woman and mother i admire your strength and fight you have. stay strong. give my frienda big for me and sending you his and prayers as well. oxox