Saturday, September 28, 2013


We are on day 4 in the PICU, and Jacob is not getting better. At times, we actually think he is looking worse. We know Jacob is going on week 3 of the rhinovirus and two consecutive hospital stays under his belt. Jacob is swimming in secretions. We deep suction Jacob as much in an hour as we typically do in a day...We need to give him Benadryl at night, which dries out his secretions, so he has a chance of getting some sleep. His heart is working extra hard around the clock. He has awful diarrhea.

I am unsettled. I know people are telling me that this strain of rhinovirus is really nasty, and has landed many kids in the PICU. there anything more? Why isn't Jacob at least getting a little bit better each day? Are we missing something?

In the old days, Jacob was put on IV antibiotics any time he landed in the hospital, just in case. His colitis has had to change that treatment plan. Antibiotics are upsetting Jacob's gut, and can lead to a flare up of his colitis. Everyone is so much more cautious to start antibiotics, if it is not clear that bacteria is growing.

Tonight, the attending said it is time to start antibiotics after all. She thinks Jacob is fighting something more than the rhinovirus. His chest x-ray is unchanged, but his blood work is indicating he is fighting something more than rhinovirus, he spiked a fever last night, and his heart rate is very unsettling to everyone.

I am sincerely hoping the antibiotics will kick in, and make our boy better. No hospital stays are easy, but some are harder than others. This one is harder on me. I am exhausted. I think it is because we have had two back-to-back hospital stays. I just don't seem to be able to catch up on sleep, and there is a lot going on in our lives outside of the PICU as well. I am also an impatient soul. I want to see progress. It hurts my soul to see my kid sick in bed going on his 3rd week. With the constant deep suctioning, we honestly have to be at his bedside at all times, since it is even too much for an ICU nurse caring for two patients.

It is Saturday night in the PICU. Joakim and Sarah were here all day as well. We had thai food for dinner together. Sarah decorated Jacob's room with all his get well cards before she left. Now Jacob and I are cuddled up in bed. Jacob is watching Curious George, and I have told Jacob when he falls asleep I am going to escape to the world of "Breaking Bad". I just need a little break from the PICU!

Send positive thoughts and prayers the antibiotics will kick in, and make Jacob feel much better!

Love, Maria.


  1. Maria, my heart for Jacob and your family. I can't imagine the thoughts running through your mind. I'm sending his to you so and I am praying so heavily for Jacob and your family. I wish I could help. take care and best wishes ♡♥

    1. Olivia, thank you so much! I sincerely hope you are having a little bit of a better week yourself. Love to you.

  2. I am so hoping and praying those antibiotics help turn things around so Jacob can start feeling better!

    1. Thank you, Deana! Right now that is what we are very much hoping for. He has had a really rough night, but finally seem to be settling down. Hoping for a better tomorrow!