Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We got discharged from the PICU last night with a big caveat that we had to draw labs every morning, and follow up with hematology daily until we could see them outpatient. Jacob's white blood count has been extremely low as well as some other values related to the production of white blood cells. Since they are so low, they also didn't want him in the hospital where he very easily could catch an infection, which would not help Jacob to feel better right now. The PICU was afraid to transfer him to the pulmonary floor where all the respiratory infections live.

At 6 am today, I was in the car on my way to Children's with tubes filled with Jacob's blood. As always, they had some issues locating all the orders, but by the time the sun started to rise I was on my way home again.

Early morning, I found out that Jacob's white blood count was low once again. I missed the phone call from the hematology doc on call, and in the middle of a very busy day with Jacob, I wasn't sure if he would once again be admitted to the PICU or not. It took a whole day yesterday to get him discharged, so the thought of being right back where we started yesterday was not an appealing thought.

As we were waiting for hematology to call back, I decided to at least get Jacob out in the fall sun for a bit!

We are tonight very thankful we will all get to sleep in our beds. I will be up before the sun once again to deliver labs, and we will see where the day takes us!

And my girl finished our purple pumpkin tonight.

Love, Maria.

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