Friday, May 23, 2014


This last week has been a whirlwind of activities for our boy. We decided to have Jacob go to school every day this week, since it was the last week of school after all.

We kicked off the week with a bike race! Two Angels Foundation put on an adaptive bike race here in Broomfield. We caught up with friends we hadn't seen for a while, and Jacob also got to hang out with his para Nerma. I am always a little bit worried about Jacob's fragile legs, so we did come in last place in the race:- Sarah should have pushed Jacob rather than me. It was a warm Sunday, and an overall awesome race! We are definitely going to be back next year again.

Monday morning, it was time to race again! Jacob joined the school's fun run! It was quite a workout to push Jacob in his stroller on a bike path with kids running in both directions. Jacob's friend Liam insisted that Jacob had a popsicle, so fruit punch popsicle happened before breakfast Monday morning.

Jacob also got to race in PE. He partnered up with his Occupational Therapist Peggy. Peggy went full force to make sure Jacob could do his absolute best during his relay of the race. At one point, Peggy simply grabbed Jacob's wash cloth, put it on her forehead and ran as fast as she could!!! Peggy is absolutely part of Team Jacob, what a commitment!

Today, was the last day of school. We ended up having a large accident including bath, carpet cleaning and laundry right as we were leaving for school, so we only got to attend the school picnic for a little while. It was enough time to say goodbye to friends and to dear Mrs. Rep! We truly lucked out on Jacob's teacher this year again.

Jacob is now off for two weeks. It is then time for summer school with Mrs. Pries during the months of June and July. I am sure they will have a blast this summer again!



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