Saturday, December 27, 2014


Most years I get a reality check of how sick Jacob can get right before the holidays. This year was no different. Our boy being in shock needing blood pressure medication leading up to a big nasty flare up of Jacob's ulcerative colitis. For the past two years, we have been in the hospital for weeks with colitis. This year, we left the hospital right as Jacob's colitis flared up. We have had weeks with a painful stomach, and lots of stool at home.

My only true Christmas wish each year is for Jacob to stay home for the holidays. We have spent two Christmases at Children's, and they are just never the same as at home. What I didn't expect was Jacob's colitis starting to clear up right in time for the holidays. Jacob wasn't just home for the holiday. He was actually feeling well in time for his winter break.

We have had a special guest for the holidays this year. Cinnamon joined us for a week while her owners went to the Mexican beach. This little dog loved hanging out with all of us. She often found a place near Jacob. I loved taking her for walks with Sarah. Not once did I hear her bark. Sweet Cinnamon stole my heart.

We spent the days leading up to Christmas baking and preparing food, something I enjoy very much. It has become a tradition to share our Swedish Christmas traditions with our friends. This year, we were 17 people around the table. We had everything from the traditional ham and turkey, Swedish meatballs and sausages, herring, salmon, Jansson's temptation, and so much more...It is a true feast, and there is nothing better than enjoying it with good friends. This is my number one favorite day of the year. It has nothing to do with the commercial side of Christmas, just food and friends.

After a day of Swedish traditions, we celebrate Christmas Day the American way. We prepare a big breakfast \with leftovers from the day before. We settle in on the couch and open gifts. The rest of the day, we just hang out together. We even got to play a few board games and I sneaked in a little nap! We got a white Christmas this year! The snow started to come down in the afternoon, and it was simply beautiful by the evening hours.

Since both kids are on break for another week, we are staying up a little later at night and sleeping in a little bit in the mornings (if Jacob allows). Joakim and I even made it out on a date night and watched the movie "Wild". Sarah is on her second night in a row of sleepovers, so she is a happy girl. Due to cold temperatures, Jacob has stayed inside for a few days now. I do think he appreciates the slower pace of our family for a brief moment to end this year.

Love, Maria.

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