Saturday, May 30, 2015


Jacob got moved out of the PICU yesterday afternoon. As Jacob hits the 9th floor, we're typically almost home. Most of the things they can provide us on the regular floor, we can do at home. Joakim and I were both pretty confident Jacob would go home today, possibly Sunday morning.

After getting in a beautiful hilly bike ride this morning and having Sarah come back from her sleepover, we both headed in to the hospital to not only be greeted by Jacob and Joakim, but also two doctors in the room. That is never a good sign on a Saturday afternoon when the hospital typically feels like a ghost town.

Jacob's lactate was once again elevated this morning. They repeated it this afternoon, and it had climbed up another whole number. In addition, Jacob's heart rate had been climbing up, up, up all day. He also looked mottled.

We're hoping that the reason Jacob started to look worse is dehydration. The floor got behind on his fluids with him having a bad continuous case of diarrhea from the antibiotics. Something that is never good for our boy. His labs look fine with the exception of his lactate, which could indicate dehydration. His heart rate has slowed down as he's back on the bipap. His mottling is gone after we are now caught up on fluids.

The words "going back to the PICU" was mentioned twice...we seem to have been able to avoid that with Jacob responding to the extra fluids. And Jacob and I are very determined to stay put!

Can you see I am not good with selfies?!

Can you see I have a teenager who doesn't want to be in the picture?

I hope we will have a quiet night, and better news to report in the morning!

Enjoy the beautiful spring/summer weather this weekend!

Stay tuned, Maria.

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