Thursday, June 4, 2015


Jacob got discharged on Monday! It was a weak boy sitting up in his wheelchair for the first time in a week. Monday and Tuesday, Jacob didn't move from his room. We moved in to Jacob's room, had dinners on the therapy mat with our boy.

Yesterday, Jacob ventured downstairs and was starting to sit up more throughout the day. He even cracked a joke with his music therapist. She was asking him what he thought about playing the tambourine. "It stinks". She made a big deal about it, and Jacob says: "it's funny", "it's awesome". If he's playing tricks with his music therapist, he must be feeling better!

After spending half the day at Children's today, we got confirmed that his labs match his mood. Jacob is getting over his pneumonia. Yay!

It's always exhausting to come home from the hospital. We put our lives on hold and pick our battles every time Jacob is in the hospital. When we get home, normal life has continued to go on, not caring about us taking a break from life's busyness. In the middle of adjusting to coming home, the mito community had a really rough week. Two too many children lost their battles this past week. It always put life in perspective.

Love, Maria.

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