Sunday, September 27, 2015


Yesterday we decided to stop in our busy tracks and enjoy the beauty of Colorado fall. We packed up our car with everything Jacob needed for the day and drove up to Nederland and enjoyed the beauty along Peak to Peak highway. As we climbed up feet after feet, I was watching Jacob closely since his brain is not the biggest fan of high altitudes. Jacob did absolutely awesome! He had a really rough night, but had no interest in napping. He was on a road trip, and wanted to enjoy every bit of it.

We love, love his new haircut!

Our girl taking a selfie!

My camera ran out of batteries, so we took a stop in Ward. This is a popular stop for bikers, so I was happy to share the little town of Ward with my family. No one but I had any interest in exploring Ward!

Raymond is one of my other favorite places biking. We decided to all get out the car, and this is where Jacob finally crashed...

Yep, he's sleeping...

We don't get out all four of us often enough. This was a reminder that we need to make it happen more often. We all had a great time together!

Love, Maria.

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