Sunday, July 2, 2017


Sweet Jacob,

Two months ago, I received this email from one of your friend's mom:


My daughter, Annabelle was in Jacob's kindergarten class and I just wanted to reach out to you. Annabelle loved Mrs. Pries' class. As she is approaching fifth grade this year it is still her favorite. Mrs. Pries just had a special way with those kiddos. 

I remember Annabelle's enthusiasm when Jacob was in class. She absolutely loved having him in class and it was always a time of excitement. 

I am so sorry to hear about his passing. I don't have words to adequately express our heart-ache for your loss. He was a wonderful boy and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet him. 

A friend passed along your blog to me and I've been reading about your family. I love that you write at the end of each passage "I love you to the moon and back". Our family owns the Color Me Mine at the Orchards and we stock mugs that say that phrase. I've attached a photo: 

Whenever I see that mug on the shelves I think of Jacob, you, and your family.

Annabelle's mom invited us to come in to her pottery studio and paint these special mugs in memory of you. It warmed my heart when I read her email. I warmed my heart because I knew in your short life, you did touch so many lives. Kids especially. You loved being with kids, and you had a way with them. They were always curious about your talker, your wheel chair, the suction machine, and all the little quirks that came with you being Jacob. I will never forget when your classmates all got to celebrate your 10th birthday with you, and as they were eating your birthday donuts, they were sharing nice things about you. I will never forget your classmate saying: "I think Jacob is the most important member of our class". Little did the girl know 4th grade would be your last year of school, but to her, you were the most important member of her class.

On Father's Day we decided to do something completely different from what we typically did when you were around. We decided to go out for lunch, and then do pottery together! Your dad was a little skeptical to paint pottery, but he was a good sport about it. It turned out that I was not doing too well in the pottery department. Sarah and the staff had to jump in to save my mug from a complete disaster...We laughed together, and it was a beautiful moment when your sister decided to add your name on both your dad's and my mug. It made it extra special.


Painting pottery turned out to be the perfect thing to do on Father's day, a day we will always remember as the day we lost you.

What your friend's mom Kelly did for us is a pure act of kindness. I never met Kelly. Annabelle has not been in class with you for over five years. Still, she reached out to me and gave us the perfect cups for our morning coffee and Sarah's hot chocolate. She didn't have to reach out, but she did. And in the middle of a very difficult day, we found a beautiful Jacob moment. All three of us. 

The simple acts of kindness are what has kept us going this past year.

Sweet Jacob, as much as I miss you, I always love you to the moon and back,


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