Saturday, January 31, 2009


Jacob turned 3 today. Sarah was excited about opening the presents this morning, and Jacob couldn't get enough of the colorful ribbons! Jacob had a good day, played a lot, and was full of energy! His birthday is always a day when it makes me sad that Jacob can't eat. No birthday cake or any other treats. The good news is that today was the first day Jacob started rolling from room to room again - yippie! He is also back in the stander and walker again.

Yesterday Jacob had his last therapy with Imagine. They have provided therapies for Jacob in our home since he was about 5 months. It was sad to see Jill, Januea and Jamie go. Jacob has played and had fun with them every week since he was so little. That's the thing that is so cool with Jacob - all the amazing people he is connecting us with that we would never meet without him.

I did stress out on Monday when I realized I only had speech lined up for Jacob. By Friday somehow everything came together, and we now are up to 6 therapies again. It just miraculously came together between Bal-Swan, Children's, hippo therapy and a private PT.

Jacob's MRI and spinal tap is now scheduled for Tuesday February 17th. We need to be in the hospital at 5 am, so it will be an early morning! Cross your fingers that Jacob does well with the anaesthesia!

Cheers, Maria.

P.S. I uploaded Jacob's movie I made when Jacob was about 11 months. It is under Links, if you haven't seen it.

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