The Book: Letters to Jacob

I know many people simply shook their heads when they knew the life we lived. They simply shrugged their shoulders and couldn’t understand how we did it. They wouldn’t trade their lives for ours ever. But I sure loved it. I loved being your mom. I loved waking up every day with my first thought being you. Before I even could think much, I knew I had to get you out of bed, get you ready for the day, get you your medications, give you a bath, do your vest treatment, and the list goes on. You depended on me to live. It was a huge honor and responsibility. It was the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life.

Jacob, I love you to the moon and back. 
Love, Mom

Maria Hopfgarten's son Jacob was born on January 31, 2006. He was the most perfect baby boy she had ever seen.  But Jacob had devastating health issues, culminating in a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, a fatal condition.
In the ten short years of Jacob's life, Maria found strength in blogging about Jacob's life. Her posts from the year after Jacob’s passing have been gathered into this book along with Maria's tips for parents coping with their own grief after losing a child. 

“If you have lost a child, you know you are weathering the largest storm life can bring you. I hope that my words of loss, tears, punches, smiles, friendships and renewed happiness can give you a sense of not being alone on this journey.” –Maria Hopfgarten

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