Saturday, November 30, 2013


I am going to start this post off with a disclaimer. I just had my kind of holiday, and I might be dwelling a little bit too much over it. It is just that we haven't had such a great Thanksgiving in a long time, and I just want to capture the moments. I hope you enjoy it with us.

To be fresh home from the hospital makes me cherish each moment at home just a little bit more. My body still knows the difference between sleeping in a hospital bed and my own bed. I get to enjoy my first cup of coffee in private, and I don't have to share my bathroom with 40 other PICU families. I get to cook using my stove and oven rather than a microwave.

We started celebrating the holiday the evening before Thanksgiving. Our dear neighbor and friend came over with a bottle of wine, and we just had to taste the pumpkin pie Sarah had made earlier that day. Our pumpkin pie has crumbles on top, and I have yet to try a more delicious pumpkin pie than this one. The first bite of pumpkin pie each year is always the best.

We were bummed to not be celebrating Thanksgiving with our dear friends south of town, but there is simply too much going on with Jacob right now to go away for the day. The diapers and laundry are still out of control, and Jacob's immune system is at an all time low.

Looking back at the holiday, it was definitely the right decision to stay home. I started the day with a long run around the lake. It was a beautiful run in the warm fall weather. I then went over to our neighbor to put her turkey in the oven as they were out doing a turkey trot. It might not seem like a big deal, but I was so happy to return the favor. Years ago she helped me out with the same thing, so we still had a turkey on the table despite being in the hospital.

After getting our turkey in the oven, we had a long lazy morning. Sarah made breakfast for us all, and we ate in front of the TV watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Jacob took a snoozer on his bean bag, we scanned the Black Friday ads and realized that there was nothing we were desperate enough to get out to buy. As Jacob woke up again, he was all in to the parade, and just wanted to watch it with Sarah. I just love to watch the interaction between these two kiddos.

Sarah and I then went on to cook. I love that I have a partner in the kitchen these days. Sarah loves baking, but on this holiday she helped me make mashed yams, sweet potato pie, and green bean casserole. It was great to not have a specific time to set the table, we just enjoyed our time in the kitchen together. At the same time, Joakim and Jacob got to watch football together.

I have always felt it is a bit of a challenge to get all side dishes warm at the same time as you carve the turkey. This year, we had to add a big seizure to the mix. As we were starting to get all the food ready for the table, Jacob had a big seizure that throw him into status epilepticus. We had to medicate the seizure, and luckily it stopped. We propped Jacob up in his bean bag with suction machine next to him and pulse ox on, so we could monitor him as we had our dinner. This was my low of the day, but I was also so very thankful that we had decided to stay home, so we quickly could get Jacob's seizure under control.

After dinner, we all cuddled up on the couch to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. As Jacob was propped up with me on the couch, I had a moment to think back on our Thanksgivings together, some good and some not so good, all dependent on his health.

After we had gotten Jacob to bed, we had Sarah's famous pumpkin pie. It was a perfect ending to our holiday. Sarah was in a great funny mode. She has gotten to the age where she doesn't just want to leave the table when she is done with her food, she actually converse us. She is funny and she sure keeps both Joakim and I honest at all times. She sees right through most things in life.

Despite Jacob going in to status epilepticus right at the time of turkey, I will put Thanksgiving of 2013 in the pile of good Thanksgivings. It was a holiday without stress and a time for me to stop and simply love and enjoy my dear family.

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I do love the Friday after Thanksgiving just a little bit more :- This is the day when I start decorating my house for Christmas. I have a love affair with Christmas. I always blame it on my dad, who always made Christmas extra special in our house as we grow up. I love my house just a little bit more around the holidays. I love the baking, the giving, the music, and my decorations. This year was just a little bit better, since I can't remember the last time Jacob took part in the decorating. I love, love Sarah helping Jacob to decorate his own little Christmas tree.

To top off this holiday, we also got to take Sarah to watch the movie "Catching Fire". Something, we all enjoyed to watch after us all having read the books.

Today we kicked off the holidays with going to the Nutcracker with dear friends. It put me in the right spirit, and I am now going to enjoy every tiny bit of this upcoming holiday.

Love, Maria.

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