Sunday, June 19, 2016

SWEET JACOB 01312006 - 06192016

On this Father's Day, Jacob lost his battle to mitochondrial disease. We love him beyond words, and feel we are the luckiest family who got to have him in our lives for 10 beautiful years. In hearing and sharing stories from Jacob's inner circle yesterday, it gives me peace that Jacob had such a rich life, each day filled with love. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers (especially Sarah) since it feels as we're learning to walk again, and remember Jacob with us. Talk about him, share him with us, we will never stop loving and remembering our very special boy.

I will post memorial service details as soon as we have them. I am hoping to find my writing soon again. This weekend was so very, very sad for all of us, but also moments of pure beauty and love.

Sincere love from all of us,
Sarah, Joakim & Maria.


  1. Dear Maria,

    I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now, but I would love to carry a bit of your sadness today. I have been following your path through the years with Jacob and had a little view of all the fight, worries, sadness and fear you went through. As a mother, it is something that seems so hard to overcome, but you did it once and again. I was also able to see Jacob fight back and resist, and to me he will always be a little warrior in my mind. But most of all, I have seen you all loving and caring for Jacob all the time, surrounding him with your protection, smiles and care. That always made me feel that Jacob was happy despite his fight, and it is simply amazing that you were able to achieve this, despite all the challenges.

    I remember walking with you in Madrid, with Jacob in your belly, and I will also remember all the images of Jacob with his family always around him…there is really nothing I can do to make you feel better now but I can tell you that you and Jacob have had an impact in all of us who know you and were able to share a bit of your story... How many people you know can say that? That is Jacob’s legacy.

    I send you my love, family, and the thought that Jacob will survive in our minds and in our hearts, as an example of a life lived with pure human love.


    1. Hi Rocio, thank you so much for your kind words. I had forgotten being pregnant with Jacob in Madrid while we had our tapas in the evenings. It made me happy to think back on that time. I love you, Maria.

  2. Oh Maria, my heart is breaking so much for you, Joakim and Sarah!!! Although our paths went different ways, I have followed your story blog by blog. I have been scared with you and rejoiced with you along the many events over the past 10 years. You have always been my inspiration and given me motivation when my life seemed too much to handle (And I had nowhere near the challenges you have had). I only have a glimpse of the grief and sadness you must feel after losing my father 18 months ago, which cannot even hold a candle to losing a child. Please know that Jacob was so loved, as is your entire family!! Find peace in knowing that Jacob's life has had such a huge impact on so many lives!! Saying so many prayers for you.

    Vicki Trummer

    1. Hi Vicki, I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your dad. I know you were close. Thanks for coming to celebrate Jacob's life with us. It was so good to see you again. Much love, Maria.